This training is simple yet in depth, it will have you mapping brows like a pro and it wont cost you an arm and a leg.

I've Been Where You Are.

Newly certified, ready to change the world one brow at a time but there is just one thing holding you back from total brow domination - THE BROW MAPPING!  


That darn mapping, sometimes its good, some times it's not so good, other times it take up half the appointment time. Any of this sound familiar?

Well the brow gods have heard you! Enter



You have trouble getting brows to be identical on your first, second or even third attempt.

You spend a large portion of your service time on the brow mapping - more than you would like. 

You are looking for a concise step by step guide to map efficiently.

You are disappointed that you did not receive a precise mapping technique in your previous training program(s)


You are not willing or able to make another large investment in "more" brow mapping training.

You are over watching countless brow mapping video on YouTube and Instagram that leave you more confused than when you started


You get nervous before every brow appointment just thinking about the mapping.

What's Inside Your Training



The key to creating HER unique perfect brows every time, my unique methodology for sculpting brows. Implementing this technique will allow you to build and sustain a large and loyal clientele throughout your career.   


A complete mapping technique outlined in a step by step, easy to follow guide. This technique will direct you in creating two identical brows with ease and confidence, no matter what brows you started with.


Tap into your ability to take ANY brow from a basic brow to a BEST BROW.  You will learn how to give EVERY client the brows they've always wanted.  This training will have you making dreams come true one brow at a time!


Learn why identical measurements across both brows may not work for every client's facial structure and what to do about it.


Learn the intricacies  and characteristics of different face shapes. Discover how to accentuate your client's best features through your brow design by incorporating their unique features in your brow mapping. 


Very, very happy client's! - Happy clients mean referrals, and we LOVE referrals!



Discover the tools that will have you mapping like magician! 

For A Limited Time. Price Quoted In USD

Now $99

This Training Was Made For You

I created this course so you don't have to struggle like I once did. When I was a newly certified microblading artist desperately in need of training like this it didn't existBack then I struggled with brow mapping and I so desperately wished there was a training that would make it easy for me to map with speed and confidence.

About Me

I am a practicing Medical Esthetician for over 13 years and a certified trainer who has written and facilitated numerous brow and lash training programs and above all I am utterly obsessed with eyebrows!  

My close attention to detail and love for eyebrows is matched by my passion for empowering aspiring artists through education.

When I started KAYON brow + beauty it was out of necessity to keep my home and though I've always been completely in love with my work the confidence to covert my skills into the business of my dreams only came after I closed my eyes and went for it. What I have since built is beautiful, the income is great and never feel like I'm working but, those things pale in comparison to the feeling of power I achieved through going after my dreams. That feeling is the reason why I teach - I am committed to being a bridge to that same feeling of empowerment to all the students who choose me as their educator. 


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    My experience with Kayon has been amazing. I have never met someone who is so passionate about something they are teaching. I’ve been able to learn so much, she always believed in me when I thought I couldn't do it. Her letting me do most of the work helped me remember the steps and get out of my comfort zone. The best teacher!



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    I have been in the esthetic industry for over 13 years. I have never come across an instructor like Kayon, she is by far the best. Kayon is very very meticulous about how things are done when it comes designing brows, she took her time to make sure you leave this course feeling confident. Kayon is a great teacher and I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to learn

    - Saba

Ready To Start Creating Beautiful Symmetrical Brows With Ease?

This Training Literally Maps It Out For You!

(See what I did there.)