EyeLash Extesions 101

The Classic Course



Become a certified Lash Stylist.

The Lash Indusrty

Eyelash Extensions are a billion dollar business and the best part is that the industry is still considered to be in its infancy. What this means, is that anyone looking for a "Plan B" and even a "Plan A" have a tremendous opportunity to build a lucrative and profitable business in an industry that is still growing and in high demand.   

Yes, the financial growth opportunity is enough of an incentive for most to become a certified lash artist. There is in my opinion, a greater reward, such as the personal growth and empowerment that comes from taking the leap of faith, getting outside of your comfort arena and learning a  new skill; then turning that skill into a business that serves the needs of others while providing you with a great income. For me, this has been the best part of my business both as an artist and an educator

In this comprehensive training you will receive in-depth education, of not only the technical skills needed to be a proficient lash artist, but you will learn the ins and outs of what it really takes to be a successful lash artist - who makes "real" lash artist money honey!

About This Course



An optional 3rd day co-op

A Complete Professional Kit

Live Demonstrations

Model Practice


Marketing Tools

On-going Mentorship and Support


1x Training Manual

8x Trays Mink Eyelash extensions

     C curl .10 Mixed Lengths

     C Curl .20 Mixed Lengths

     D Curl .15 Mixed Lengths

     C Curl .15 Lengths 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm

1x Adhesive

1x Adhesive Remover

1x Paper Tape

1x Plastic Tape

1x Curved Tweezers

1x Straight Tweezers

1x Mini Scissors

1x Lash Tile

1x Mini Fan

1x 50pk Mascara Wands

1x 50pk Flocked Applicators

1x 100pk Micro Tip Applicators

12x Under Eye Gel Pads

1x Nano Mister

What's Inside

In your training you will learn:

The Eyes + Natural Lashes

A look at the eyes and lashes, their function and purpose and why having an in depth understanding of them is crucial to safe and effective eyelash extension application. 

Safety + Sanitation

In this section we cover common eye conditions, contra-indications, safe work place practices, sterilization and sanitation. 

Application Tools

A review of the tools and products used by lash artists, Including an in depth breakdown of the supplier/brand options, as well as a look at professional items you can save on as you build your business and increase in revenue. 

Eyelash Extension Variations

A dive into lengths, thickness, curvatures. The distinction between "Mink" and "Silk". What type of lash is best for certain clients and are human hair and authentic mink extensions really a thing?

Client Care + Consultation

One of the most important factor in buikding and sustaining a profitable businnes is taking good care of your clients. In this section we cover client forms and release waivers, tips on how to protect yourself and your client and most importantly customer service!

Natural Lash Prep

The key to happy repeat clients are lash extensions that last, and the three main steps to long lasting lash extesnion is prep, prep, prep. Here we cover the steps to ensuring your clients natural lashes are perfectly prepped and ready to be lashed.  In this section we put down your manuals and get right in there with some hands-on practice.

Eye Design + Lash Mapping

Learn how to design lash extension sets that accentuate your client's eye shape and learn to build a beautiful basic frame that looks gorgeous on everyone.

Lash Extension Application

Application techniques that will lighten the learning curve. We focus on lash extension pick up and the current angle to ensure perfect placement. Adhesive coating, and how to coat just right to avoid clumps and "stickies". Correct extension placement, keeping the natural lashes properly isolated during application; the importance of building your set frame by frame and "THE" essential step to perfect application results.

Re-lashes (fills)

Learn the proper method for efficient re-lashes, time frames and pricing structure.

Lash Removal Techniques

You will learn 3 different removal techniques and the appropriate times to use each.

Pricing + Marketing Your Services

Learn how to establish your pricing based on your target clientele, what you should charge as you are working towards certification and how to effectively raise your price point after certification/periodically. 

Learn how to market your new skill via social media, online ads and how to take stunning photos of your work.

Training Dates and Locations

Lash Extension Trainings are held privatly. To request A specific traing Date please submit a request below. 


Thank You. Talk to you soon!



Kayon Wilson has been a practicing Medical Esthetician for over 12 years. She is a certified and accredited trainer who has written and facilitated numerous training programs and above all an advocate for empowerment, be it through providing brow and lash services or educating aspiring artists! 

She received her initial training at Gina's College of Advance Esthetic in 2007 and has since acquired numerous certifications from the leaders in the brow and lash industry. 

Her close attention to detail is matched by her passion to help women feel more beautiful and powerful.


"To those who choose me as their technician or educator please know that I am grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to serve you while doing what I love. 

My commitment to you is to provide the highest level of consistent, impeccable service. 

Stewardship, Passion and Empowerment is the foundation of all that I do."