With Kayon & Michèle

Are You Ready To CONFIDENTLY Choose The Perfect Pigment For Each Client, Every Time?

October 16

 12pm EST.

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It's Time To Level-Up Your PMU Skills.

Instead Of...

  • Being Nervous Before Seeing A New Microblading/Ombré Brow Client Because You Were/are Worried That They May Ask You Questions About Pigments That You Don't Have The Answers To.


  • Spending Countless Hours Googling Terms like "Warm", "Cool", "Neutral", "Ash".


  • Having A Client Come Back For A Touch-Up Appointment With Brows That Healed A Completely Different Color Than You Expected.


  • Turning Away New Clients Who Are Requesting A Color Correction Because You Weren't Sure How To Do It.

You Will..

Confidently Select A Pigment Shade With One Look At A Client's Face.

Provide A Solution For Clients Who Seek You Out In Need Of A Color Correction. 

Be Able To Confidently Advertise Your PMU Services, Book Clients And Get Referrals.

Skillfully Be Able To Serve A Range Of Skin Types and Tones.

Solidify your color theory KNOWLEDGE which will give you  more VERSATILITY with pigments, allowing you to serve MORE CLIENTS and earn MORE MONEY.

What We Will Cover

  • The Fitzpatrick Scale

  • Complexion VS. Tone - What is the difference

  • Foundational Principles For Color Correction

  • How Skin Types, Characteristics And Conditions Can Affect Your Pigment Retention

  • Understanding Undertones and How To Manage Them For Optimal Healed Results



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 Kayon Wilson

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My name is Michèle Daley, the founder and owner of Milton's Cils Vous Plaît Beauty (CVP Beauty). I’m a certified and accredited Brow and Permanent Makeup (PMU) Technician.


My journey as a beauty business owner began in 2016 as an Eyelash Technician. However, as the beauty industry has drastically evolved, I have also prioritized the ongoing development and expansion of my education to increase my knowledge, skill sets, and to better provide services in the industry. 

I sincerely enjoy and am passionate about helping women and men simplify their daily beauty routines so that they may feel their best and more confident, both within themselves and in their outer appearances. 


As an artist, colour selection hasn’t always been clear for me, so I look forward to helping you finally achieve the confidence required to knock out every appointment from this point on!

I am a practicing Medical Esthetician for over 13 years and a certified trainer who has created and facilitated numerous brow and lash training programs and above all I am utterly obsessed with eyebrows! 

My close attention to detail and love for eyebrows is matched by my passion for empowering aspiring artists through education.

When I started KAYON brow + beauty it was out of necessity to keep my home and though I've always been completely in love with my work, the confidence to convert my skills into the business of my dreams only came after I closed my eyes and just went for it!

 What I have since built is beautiful, the income is great and I never feel like I'm working but, those things pale in comparison to the feeling of power I achieved through going after my dreams. That feeling is the reason why I teach - I am committed to being a bridge to that same feeling of empowerment to all the students who choose me as their educator. 

 Michèle Daley