Virtual Certification Masterclass

November 8, 11 am EST.



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Henna Brow Design is the next 

"big thing" in eyebrow enhancements. 

Get Ready To:

Grow your business and BANK ACCOUNT


Build a reputation as the GO-TO HENNA ARTIST in your city.


Access all the BENEFITS that offering this service will provide.


Unlock your potential as a brow artist by providing  a valuable service that your customers NEED.

In this training you will learn Henna Brow application and industry leading eyebrow mapping and design techniques that will transform your client's eyebrows and your income!

“My henna training with Kayon exceeded my expectations. It got me motivated to go back to work after quarantine. Kayon was very thorough throughout the course. She’s also very helpful and detailed when giving me feedback on my models. She’s given me all the tools to be successful at henna brow. I can’t wait to be as talented as her."


I took virtual Henna class with Kayon last Jan 2020. It was my first virtual class so I was very nervous about it but I totally enjoyed this class. This class was very easy to understand and she was thourough with all the information. During this class she shared her all knowledge and henna experience which helped me a lot to understand. She is always available and ready to answer my questions whether it’s henna related or business related. I will 100% recommend this class to all brows artist who can add this service to their menu and add more revenue to their business. I used to do tinting on my client but this henna is a game changer. I'm booked with my henna service and all my clients love this henna brows. Thank you so much Kayon for everything. You are my true inspiration.



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Hi, Im Kayon

I am a Medical Esthetician and a certified trainer who has written and facilitated numerous brow and lash courses specifically designed to help artists reach their professional and financial goals. 


I have used my passion for eyebrows and my cunning business savvy to build and sustain a thriving business that serves hundreds of loyal clients, my business has now grown to the point where new customers seek me out on a daily basis.   

In October 2018 I became a Certified Hennatician and a few short months later I became Henna Brow's first distributor and trainer in Canada. The very moment I was introduced to Henna I recognized that it was going to be a game changer, not only for my business but  within the entire eyebrow enhancement industry. Today I am just as passionate about this treatment,  the financial increase it provides for technicians and  beautiful results for our clients are incredible! I’ve taken all the skills that I have perfected while working with Henna and developed this training that will effectively teach you how to get the same consistent results with Henna as I do!


When I started KAYON brow + beauty five years ago it was out of necessity to keep my home, and what I have since built is beautiful. The income is great and it never feels like I'm working but, those things pale in comparison to the feeling of power I achieved through going after my dreams and making crazy money doing it, and that is the reason why I teach. I am committed to being a bridge to getting YOU those same things, helping you to get to where you are destined to be.  - Empowerment, financially freed, and living a life by your own design while creating beautiful brows!