Virtual Certification Masterclass

November 8, 11 am EST.



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Henna Brow Design is the next 

"big thing" in eyebrow enhancements. 

Get Ready To:

Grow your business and BANK ACCOUNT


Build a reputation as the GO-TO HENNA ARTIST in your city.


Access all the BENEFITS that offering this service will provide.


Unlock your potential as a brow artist by providing  a valuable service that your customers NEED.

In this training you will learn Henna Brow application and industry leading eyebrow mapping and design techniques that will transform your client's eyebrows and your income!

“My henna training with Kayon exceeded my expectations. It got me motivated to go back to work after quarantine. Kayon was very thorough throughout the course. She’s also very helpful and detailed when giving me feedback on my models. She’s given me all the tools to be successful at henna brow. I can’t wait to be as talented as her."


I took virtual Henna class with Kayon last Jan 2020. It was my first virtual class so I was very nervous about it but I totally enjoyed this class. This class was very easy to understand and she was thourough with all the information. During this class she shared her all knowledge and henna experience which helped me a lot to understand. She is always available and ready to answer my questions whether it’s henna related or business related. I will 100% recommend this class to all brows artist who can add this service to their menu and add more revenue to their business. I used to do tinting on my client but this henna is a game changer. I'm booked with my henna service and all my clients love this henna brows. Thank you so much Kayon for everything. You are my true inspiration.



Deluxe Professional Kit

Certification of Completion

One 30 Minute 1:1 Info/Troubleshooting Sessions

Access To Henna Brow Marketing Images 

Downloadable Training Manual 

Live Demo

Six Months Unlimited Access To Recorded Training

Unlimited Support Via Email



Why Our Henna Is Unmatched

Henna Science

Color Theory

Application Beyond The Basics 
Safety + Sanitation

Marketing + Pricing Your Service

How to Optimize Your Potential As a Hennatician 

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Forms and Client Waivers


1x Deep umber henna pigment 6gm

1x Chocolate dust henna pigment 6gm

1x Burnt beige henna pigment 6gm

1x Graphite henna pigment 6gm

1x Onyx corrector 6gm

1x Terra-copper corrector 6gm

1x Glass Dappen dish

1x Eyebrow Calliper

1x Slanted Tweezers

1x Eyebrow scissors

1x Pipette dropper

White marker pencil

1x Dual ended application brush

Pack of micro brushes

Pack Mascara Wands


Hi, Im Kayon

I am a Medical Esthetician and a certified trainer who has written and facilitated numerous brow and lash courses specifically designed to help artists reach their professional and financial goals. 


I have used my passion for eyebrows and my cunning business savvy to build and sustain a thriving business that serves hundreds of loyal clients, my business has now grown to the point where new customers seek me out on a daily basis.   

In October 2018 I became a Certified Hennatician and a few short months later I became Henna Brow's first distributor and trainer in Canada. The very moment I was introduced to Henna I recognized that it was going to be a game changer, not only for my business but  within the entire eyebrow enhancement industry. Today I am just as passionate about this treatment,  the financial increase it provides for technicians and  beautiful results for our clients are incredible! I’ve taken all the skills that I have perfected while working with Henna and developed this training that will effectively teach you how to get the same consistent results with Henna as I do!


When I started KAYON brow + beauty five years ago it was out of necessity to keep my home, and what I have since built is beautiful. The income is great and it never feels like I'm working but, those things pale in comparison to the feeling of power I achieved through going after my dreams and making crazy money doing it, and that is the reason why I teach. I am committed to being a bridge to getting YOU those same things, helping you to get to where you are destined to be.  - Empowerment, financially freed, and living a life by your own design while creating beautiful brows!


I am a biginner brow artist with no eyebrow shaping experience, will I be able to work on clients after just taking this class?

Yes! This class was designed for brow artists of all experience levels, including those with no previous training or expeinece. It covers basic, easy to follow brow mapping and design as well as brow shaping with tweezers all of which are the foundation of brow sculpting. In other words this training is the perfcet place to start for a brand new brow artist.

I already offer eyebrow tinting, do I really need to learn Henna?

Yes, you do. Though Henna and traditional tinting are both "dyes" there is one key difference. Henna is meant to stain skin as well as dye hair, which make it more versatile than the traditional tinting products as they were formulated to only dye hair. This means you will be able to service a wider range of clients by offering Henna in addition to tinting.

I am a very experienced brow artist with a large clientelle, and I am very confidnet when if come to doing eyebrows, can I purchase the kit and figure out the application on my own?

Henna is an amazing product with beautiful results, however there are there are very specific techniques that must be used when preparing and applying the Henna in order to achieve lasting results. Having worked with this Henna and doing hundreds of apllications I have come up with the perfect set of techniques that will help you skip the learning curve and go straight to booking Henna clients. Continuing eduction is instrumental to success and taking a training such as this will only enhance your already extensive skills and set you up for additonal success as a brow artist.

How long will my kit last? How do I order more products?

Each pigment in your kit will produce an average of 60-70 brows per bottle. Depending on the colours that are most frequently used in your business the pigments wlll last you from 4-12 months. (For example, the pigment I use most frequently lasts me for 4 months and the second most used lasts about 6 months.) Henna stored and cared for properly has a shelf life of 24 months after this time the Henna will loose its potency. Henna products can be purchased through myself or other distribitors in the US, Canada and Austraila.

Do you offer a payment plan?

There is currently a two installment payment plan available. Kayon is committed to your success and therefore will do her best to make this training and all it will provide accessible to you - please reach out if you require further consideration.

How does shipping work?

Kits are shipped internationally via Canada Post and the cost is included in yout tuition.

Is the virtual training as effective as an in person training?

Yes, in fact the virtual class may be even more so. You will have access to the recorded training for 6 months after your class, which will allow you to re-play the training as many time as you like in that time period which you cannot do with an in class training. You also get 2 one on one, private video sessions to go over everything you need in order to be a successful Hennatician. These sessions are not just limited to technique, you can ask for direction regarding marketing, goals, mindset, promotions etc. around your new Henna business. And you have access to unlimited support and mentorship via email and messenger.

What If I'm not satisfied with the training, can I get a refund?

Making sure you come out of my training equipped with everthing you need to see a return on your invest is my first priority. In other words I am committed to your succsess and therefore will make sure you do not leave your training dissatisfied. For that reason I do not offer refunds. However, for this class your tuition is 100% refundable unitl your kit has been shipped.

Why does this course cost more than the other online henna training I've seen?

This Henna training includes medium to high-level 1 on 1 support for each student after the class has ended. This support includes, but is not tlimited to: Two 1:1 video calls with Kayon, as support and guidence during the weeks and months following training are critical to student success. Email and voice note support. Digital marketing materials. Access to recorded training for 6 months after intial class. A course page where students can acces all the information and documents from one convenient location.

We're in Canada, why do you charge USD?

This training services students internationally, USD is the most recognized currency world wide. If you are in Canada and would prefer to subitt your tuition in Canadian dollars please email hello@kayonbrowbeauty to receive an invoice quoted in CAD.