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Live Virtual Training

The one day LIVE virtual class that will leave you equipped with the

skills and confidence to start making money as a Lash Lift artist NOW.


Whether you have previous experience or not! 



sasha lash lift

Lash services are so popular because they make our customers FEEL



Empowered - Confident - Beautiful 


This is your opportunity to provide these for them without the financial and time investment required to become a Certified Lash Extension Pro. 


Does Any of This Sound Like You?

  • You have always wanted to be a lash artist but would like to start offering a simpler lash service that is easier to learn and perform.

  • You are currently a lash artist and want to offer an alternative service for your clients who are either not suited for lash extensions or would like an option that does't require as much maintenance.

  • You have taken a lash lift course in the past but have never been confident in providing the service and would like some fresh training that will provide you with the confidence you need to start making some lash lift money NOW! 


No Matter Where You Are Starting From This Class Will:

  • Equip you with the 




to skillfully perform THE BEST  


Lash Lift +Tints creating happy clients who are eager to refer all their girlfriends.


  • Provide you with all the 




and supplies needed to start offering  


Lash Lift + Tint as soon as class has ended, and allow you to make your tuition back (and then some) without spending another dime on supplies.


  • Offer you the 




during and after class that will help you build the

confidence to perform Lash Lift + Tints, make a profit and do so quickly.

Course Content

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Lash Lifting & How Does It Work
Hair Structure
Safety + Contraindications
Lash Lift Advantages
Lash Lifting Protocol
Tips To Superior Lash Lifting
After Care
Lash Lifting Photography
Pricing + Marketing Your Service


Kit Contents

Digital Training Manual
10 Lifting Solution Sachets
10 Neutralizing Solution Sachets
10 Nourishing Solution Sachets

Lash Lift Bonder
10 Small Lash Lift Forms

10 Medium Lash Lift Forms

10 Large Lash Lift Forms

1 Black Tint

1 Blue-Black Tint

1 Tint Developer

1 Glass Dappen Dish

15 Under Eye Gel Pads

50 Pk Lint Free Applicators

50 Pk Mascara Wands

100 pk Micro Tip applicators

* Kit Valued At Over $150 usd.


After Class You Will Have Access To:

An Exclusive Facebook Community

Filled with like-minded graduates where you can further develop as a lash artist and BOSS through your interactions.

 Recording of Live Training and Demo

Available for you to review whenever you like at no additional cost.

1 Private 30 min Zoom Call

During your call you can get answers to all Lash Lift and/or business marketing questions that have come up after class. This bonus is especially important to you being able to confidently offer your new service. (While highly encouraged this private call is not mandatory.)

Unlimited Email Support

Once a student always a student - Get direct answers to all your questions as long as you need them. 

Your Investment


Early Bird Price


Prices quoted in USD


Prices quoted in USD


Hey, I'm Kayon

I am a practicing Medical Esthetician for over 13 years and a certified trainer who has written and facilitated numerous brow and lash training programs. 


I received my initial training in 2007 and have since acquired numerous certifications from the leaders in the brow and lash industry. 

My close attention to detail and love for my work is matched by my passion for empowering aspiring artists through education.

When I started KAYON brow + beauty it was out of necessity to keep my home and though I've always been completely in love with my work the confidence to covert my skills into the business of my dreams only came after I closed my eyes and went for it. What I have since built is beautiful, the income is great and I never feel like I'm working but, those things pale in comparison to the feeling of power I achieved through going after my dreams. That feeling is the reason why I teach - I am committed to being a bridge to that same feeling of empowerment to all the students who choose me as their educator. 

Hello Kayon! I just had to send you this note to say THANK YOU! I had the amazing experience of training with you last month. I have to admit, at first, I wasn't sure about the "virtual" format. However, I am SO happy that I gave it a go! I felt very informed, connected, aware and completely involved in the training environment. It was truly like being in the 'classroom' because you were so involved & attentive with us on-screen. We were able to get a clear, full-view of the procedure as you worked on a model. Again, you made us feel very connected in every step and were open to questions throughout the entire procedure. And, we had an amazing view, thanks to your excellent camera set-up. (Something we don't always get during in-person training, due to 'hovering' around each other.)  I am very grateful for the ongoing support that we have from you as well. Your follow-up to questions, model work, etc, has taken my services to the next level! I can say that I strongly recommend this course, in this format to anyone considering it or looking for the next step to up their business. It has definitely been money well spent. Thank you so much!!


Kristy - Makeup Artist/Consultant