From Broke To Boss - A Journey To Discovering My Purpose

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

You may know me as a young woman running a lucrative and fulfilling business, fostering empowerment, stewardship and passion, and while this perception of me is accurate, it has not always been this way. Here is the story of how KAYON brow + beauty and the woman see before you was born.

One day, seemingly no different from any other, I came home to a rather unexpected letter. I still remember looking at the envelope and thinking. “This is either something really good or something really bad”, I took my time opening it while silently bracing myself. There it was; my name in all caps followed by bold black letters notifying me that I was being evicted, I only had10 days (starting yesterday), to vacate my home.

I was instantly shocked, devastated, terrified and quite light-headed all at the same time. For the next few days, I went about my life as if all was well. Yes, that’s right; I was pretending. Pretending like a champ that all was well meanwhile freaking out inside like a boss. I contemplated in silence where I would live, where my belongings would go and most importantly, how I was going to be discreet about the fact that I was homeless.

Everything changed on Day 4 when I thought about my dog, Brooklyne. The thought of her not having a home was more devastating to me than not having a place for myself. My consideration for the welfare of my dog snapped me out of pretending I was a victim, even though, as far as I was concerned, I was. The fact was this: I made choices based on the person I was at the time; I did the best that I could given what I knew, and therefore, I was not at fault, and should not be ashamed of the circumstances I was now facing. I also realized I wasn’t that girl anymore. I chose then, not to allow who I used to be to stop me from being who I was called to be.

This paradigm shift created something miraculous. I have always been resourceful and I immediately took to leveraging my skills. You see, at the time, I had 7 years of experience as an aesthetician and was employed full-time, believe it or not. The only problem was that my job, or J.O.B. - just over broke, or in my case “just over bum”, did not pay me enough to meet my basic needs. Again, this was a choice I made and I do take full responsibility. I knew that I had to get creative, and then it hit me. Of all the things I was good at, which was I most passionate about? What could I do all day long and never get bored? What would I do for free and love doing at the same time? If you are reading this and you know me, you already know what I’m going to say.


I then began to think of how much I also love doing eyelash extensions, and there it was; the two services that I enjoyed the most, the two services that I once believed weren’t enough to sustain me on their own and the two services I longed to specialize in, but hadn’t due to fear became my saving grace.

I mobilized myself and reached out to friends, clients and acquaintances to offer my services. I travelled to wherever they were and/or they came to me, and within 4 days, I had generated more than enough money to pay all that I owed. The humorous part was that I still had clients booked in the coming weeks even though I had made the amount I needed! That’s when I quit my job and built a studio in my living room and I haven’t looked back since!

What amazed me the most was not the fact that I had made more money doing brows and lashes in 4 days than I ever made working 40hr weeks at my current job. It wasn’t the fact that I had let fear stop me for so long and everything flowed so fluidly once I took action. What was most amazing to me, and I can still remember this like it was yesterday, was the way I felt. I felt, empowered. I felt unstoppable and significant.

This feeling birth out of a choice, that was necessary to keep my home is the reason I have made another choice, one of purpose that extends beyond just my own welfare or that of Brooklyne. My mission, and I choose to accept it, is to use my skills and experience and the beautiful and meticulous art of eyebrow and eyelash design to equip those who are in search of their vehicle to empowerment.

This is why I have created The Brow + Beauty Academy, an institute dedicated to empowerment through brow and lash artistry. Here current or aspiring beauty professionals can acquire accessible, comprehensive passion-filled training to fuel their dreams.

I couldn’t be more thrilled!

- Kayon

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