The virtual eyebrow academy that transforms you into a skilled brow artist and teaches you how to build the business that pays you like one.

You know a career as a brow artist is what you want and your are ready to start making MAD MONEY doing brows, you just don't know where to start.

Imagine Finally:

  • Becoming the booked-out master eyebrow artist you have dreamed of being. 

  • Receiving training that doesn't only focus on skill, but provides you with education on the marketing, branding and personal development necessary to build a profitable business right out of the gate and sustain it!

  • Discovering the training that will leave you with the confidence to expertly perform ALL your services, and create a name for yourself as the GO-TO brow artist in your city.


  • Being confident and ready to invest what is necessary to finally develop a high earning brow business.

  • Becoming one of the successful brow artists that other aspiring artists admire.

  • Fulfilling on your VERY strong desire for more NOW because, let's be real - deep down you know you will never be truly happy, fulfilled or at peace until you go after your dream of being a brow artist.


  • Getting off the rollercoaster of being inspired to "just start now" followed by feelings of overwhelm and thoughts of  "how do I do this?"

  • Finding the perfect, all inclusive, nothing left out, nothing held back Brow & Biz training program of your dreams! 

Hi I'm Kayon

I am a practicing Medical Esthetician for over 13 years and a certified trainer who has written and facilitated numerous brow and lash training programs specially designed to help aspiring artist reach their professional and financial goals. 


The combination of my passion for eyebrow and my cumming business savvy have helped me to build and sustain a thriving eyebrow business that serves hundreds of LOYAL clients and develop a way to effectively teach my methodology to my students . 


After creating and implementing a structured marketing and mindset strategies into my business I increased my revenue by an additional  $35k+ in only a few months. My business has now grown to the point where new customers seek me out on a daily basis.   


What’s most beautiful about the state of my business now is how far I've come, because I was not always this successful - in fact for a long time I 


Though I ended up earning way more money than I needed to repay what I owed in a very short period of time, that short term success conditioned me to run my business in “survival mode” in other words I operated reactively most of the time instead of planning strategically  and marketing proactively for the long term success of my business. 


I learned a very hard lesson my first few years in business through trial and error and now - all the money making tools both skill based and business focused that I perfected to take my business to earning 6 figures in such a short period I now teach to ambitious, goal crushing bosses like you!

When I started KAYON brow + beauty it was out of necessity to keep my home and though I've always been completely in love with my work the confidence to convert my skills into the business of my dreams only came after I closed my eyes and went for it. What I have since built is beautiful, the income is great and never feels like I'm working but, those things pale in comparison to the feeling of power I achieved through going after my dreams and making crazy money doing it. 


That feeling is the reason why I teach - I am committed to being a bridge to that same feeling of empowerment, financial freedom and life by your own design to all the students who choose me as their educator. 


My close attention to detail and love for eyebrows is matched by my passion for empowering aspiring artists through education.

was a broke business owner. When I started my business (in my living room) about 5 years ago I did it so that I could earn enough money to avoid being evicted- yup you heard me right! 

Let me paint a picture for you…. 


Imagine, it’s been 6 months since you discovered The Wealthy Brow Boss and every morning before you even open your eyes - the very moment you are aware it’s a new day, you smile - BIG. In fact, you are excited to go to bed every night just so you can start a new day because you are doing what you love! The very thought of your work fills you up and it still amazes you that people pay you to do what you love so much - and they pay you a lot too! Nine months ago, you only dreamed about this life, and today, it’s your reality.




Everyday you:

Feel accomplished and empowered. 

Are confident that there was no other way to your current life besides following your dreams, and you are SO happy you went for it. 

Are grateful for everything you have learned throughout the process, even your struggles 

No longer live for the weekends, in fact sometimes you work on the weekends and you love it! 

Create your own hours and have more time and MORE MONEY 

Are happy and have a renewed sense of gratitude. 

See yourself as a confident boss who is capable of anything 

Unstoppable and see your success as limitless and you are excited to create a life by your own design

Have unwavering faith that whatever you want you WILL have!

Unwavering faith that whatever you want you WILL have!

1. You love beauty, especially eyebrows

2. You dream big when it comes the life you intend to live.

3. Financial freedom is non-negotiable for you.

Here are three things I know about you:

What YOU may not yet know is, these traits are what a BROW BOSS is made of.    






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The virtual eyebrow academy that transforms you into a skilled brow artist and teaches you how to build the business that pays you like one.